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The secret to your next tasty meal—spices not just salt and pepper
Authentic spices


How do you make your meal flavorful?  Do you always reach out to salt or pepper for making a meal tasty?  If you are looking for flavors, look no further than spices next time.  Your meal will be tasty by using spices thus reducing use of salt.

We want you to use Mrunal’s secret to flavorful cooking.  You can now buy Mrunal’s unique spice mixes; Garam Masala and Za’atar.  Mrunal’s Garam Masala recipe is actually a family recipe a couple of generations old.  Over the years, family and friends have enjoyed the tasty meals using this recipe.  And now, customers who bought the spice mix in farmers market at Delaware, Ohio have shared their tasty stories with us.  Thanks to our customers for sharing their experiences.  Mrunal discovered some interesting uses of Garam Masala from these stories.  For example, Linda’s husband tried it in a spaghetti sauce.  Our family friend Rick put Garam Masala on pork chops, and Erin on popcorn.  As they said, the taste and depth of favors obtained by simply adding Garam Manasla was amazing.  Try once, and we are confident that you would like to buy it again.

Have you noticed that some spice mixes are better than others?  Especially some home made spice mixes?  The unique recipe of the spice mix and freshness makes all the difference.  Consider a popular Indian spice mix, Garam Masala.  Did you know that Garam Masala may include anything from 8-17 different ingredients?  Based on the quantity of each ingredient used in a recipe, the variations are almost infinite.  No wonder a taste you liked is hard to duplicate without recreating the exact spice mix.  Freshness is another critical component.  It is no secret that whole spices have longer shelf life than ground spices.  Once you ground the spices, they taste great only about six months or so.

Mrunal has also created a spice blend, Za’atar, her take on a well-known middle eastern spice.  Za’atar is a great spice blend to use as seasoning on salads and meat dishes like kababs.  A simple, but the best way to enjoy Za’atar is to eat a pita bread dipped in a mixture of olive oil and Za’atar.

Like Garam Masala, Za’atar may include 3-6 different ingredients.  And there are numerous recipes available for this spice mix.  Mrunal kept trying different ingredients and recipes to attain the best herbaceous and citrusy sumac flavor.  Mrunal loves the end result and we are confident that you will like it too.  Joan, our neighbor is now a fan of Za’atar on eggs.

Mrunal makes her spice blends by buying the best ingredients money can buy.  She makes small batches, ensuring that the spices you buy are freshly made.  We sell only in a small quantity; Garam Masala in a 1.2 Oz. spice jar, while the Za’atar in a 1.1 Oz. spice jar.  A spice jar can last for about 6 months for cooking 6-7 recipes while maintaining freshness.