Articles for October 2012

iPad mini and HallowsThieves

Seems like yesterday when I posted our thoughts around dealing with various iPad screen resolutions in “iOS app ecosystem and shiny new Apple gadget launch” post. Month has gone, Halloween is almost here, we sold few copies of HallowsThieves, and now last week or so we were  wondering again how our game will look like on iPad mini.

Fortunately iPad mini’s screen resolution is same as iPad 2 on which we have tested our game thoroughly. iPad with retina display also received some spec updates but retained screen resolution which means our game will play just fine. So at least this time we expect   no impact on app we released.

We are working on our next app and sure will try and keep up with hardware changes Apple is introducing.

HallowsThieves – the evil laugh story

Other than graphics in the HallowsThieves kids iPad only Halloween game we knew that we needed good background music as well as sound for the witch, cat and the ghosts. We decided to record all the sounds on our own rather than using computer generated sound. I am so glad that we decided to do so.

Looking back if you ask me to choose the most enjoyable moment during the game development, I think it was when I recorded the evil laugh for the witch. Obviously I had to practice before I was ready to record. For recording I looked at various tools and decided to use GarageBand. Recording worked out very well with GarageBand on iPad. I will definitely recommend GarageBand for recording sounds.

You can hear that evil laugh in the game now.  Fun part was when my five year old son started mimicking the same, our home for those days was filled with evil laughter. I hope you will enjoy the laugh as much as I enjoyed working on it.