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Evernote-Punchfork-Pinterest- interestin...

Almost a year ago when Evernote launched “Evernote Food”, same caught my attention immediately as we were working on recipe app on the side back then. No wonder Evernote Food got traction in what seems like ever growing Evernote community. Although ability to scrape, bookmark, and add pictures is convenient, I always wondered about usefulness […]

My son, our food critic

My son, our food critic

I am a loving dad of six year old son who thinks about home cooking way different today than before becoming dad. What changed? Manas was six month old when Mrunal started giving him freshly squeezed veggie juice without salt or sugar, simple rice in a form of kanji etc. Manas always loved playing in kitchen […]

Why I love cooking rice!

When we were talking about iOS app development, I knew I would love to develop cooking app. Over the years I have enjoyed learning and sharing recipes with friends and family so it was no brainer that in the mobile world, iOS cooking app will be a great way to reach to larger community. Once […]

2012 – some memories

Happy new year!!!! 2012 will remain a special year for us at designX6. We were able to form a business entity, imagine, build, release a product in app store, and made a good progress on our second product, a recipe app. As I look back there are lots of memories and some I would like […]