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iOS 7 beta 4 – Slide to unlock

iOS 7 beta 4 – Slide to unlock

iOS 7 beta 4 is here. Finally Apple addressed slide to unlock usability issue with which I struggled several times. See the new home screen below where now arrow points the direction in which you need to swipe to unlock the screen.  

Chromecast streaming stick and iPod nano...

Have you watched Chromecast intro keynote on YouTube? The way Mario Queiroz introduced the Chromecast reminded me immediately how Steve Jobs has introduced iPod mini, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle in the past. Tiny size but power of the device was touted so as the simplicity in using the device was stressed in Steve’s keynote […]

Web as a book-publishing medium

Matthew Butterick published Practical Typography on the web. Simple to the point advice for understanding and implementing principles of typography in writing any document. Matthew call this as an experiment to see if web can be used as book-publishing medium. I sincerely hope his experiment succeeds and we see more books from him and others on the […]

App analytics company says free apps wit...

Flurry which offers their app analytics service for free concluded that since customers are not willing to pay for apps/contents, free apps with ads are the winners as per as monetizing your development efforts goes. I see couple of problems with this theory.  “While consumers may not like in-app advertising, their behavior makes it clear that […]

When if ever Apple will enable sustainab...

Ben Thompson of Stratechery wrote thought provoking three-part series on why Apple is hesitant to enable sustainable businesses on the app store. In first two parts of the series Ben describes examples each from productivity apps and casual games to prove how Apple is not supporting a sustainable business. In the third part, “Apple has been […]

The psychology of advertising in theory ...

Open Library is a great place for reading thousands of books online specially the ones which are very old and in some cases are out of print even. I am reading “Psychology of advertising in theory and practice” book at the moment written by Walter Dill Scott in 1921. Fascinating to see a book that […]

Which plate works great for taking food ...

Which plate works great for taking food photos?

From early on we decided Mrunal will take all recipe pictures in her kitchen. Essentially no food photography simply the pictures which you and I can relate with and easy to shoot using point and shoot or digital SLR available at home. Easier said than done. We started seeing issues with our plan as soon […]

We use Trello, do you?

In the past we relied heavily on Dropbox for sharing documents within the team. We were sharing following type of documents on Dropbox. + App ideas – Text document to capture ideas we may pursue beyond apps already in works + Prototypes for app we are building – Developed in Inkscape, PaintShop Pro, or Keynote […]