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Evernote Market – Selling software alone

On 26th September 2013, Evernote launched Evernote Market continuing the transformation from just software company to merchandising complementary products like scanners to now selling backpacks, socks, etc. Is this because money alone from software is not enough or is this to cash in till you are popular move? Phil Libin in 2012 explained how Evernote’s […]

iOS apps is a business or not? Apple’s 5

Three things I am left with after watching Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C keynote. Experience not price For last few weeks we all read about how Apple should and will launch new cheap iPhone. In fact letter C in 5C was interpreted as cheap by analysts and pundits way ahead of actual launch. Well, cat is out of the […]

There is a cost for free

Nikos Moraitakis of Workable recently shared his thoughts about why they dropped free plan from service plans they offer. Read the article for details. To me summary is simple, free is not a sustainable business model. I am sure others have shared similar thoughts but it is important we highlight them as they are rare. I keep […]

Agricultural policies, food prices and h...

This post is third and concluding part of the three part series on agricultural policies, food prices, and cooking at home. Part one was about agricultural policies and its impact if any on food prices. In part two there was a comparison between eating out and cooking at home. In part three I am sharing my personal experience […]