Articles for October 2013

Now OS X is free so as productivity apps

Today we are going to revolutionize pricing because the days of spending hundreds of dollars to get the most out of your computer are gone. Today we announce a new era of mac because today we are announcing that mavericks is free, free is good

– Craig Federighi – Keynote October 2013

I get the total experience part at the cost of providing some software free like I said here recently. With this week’s keynote it is very clear that Apple is further ahead on this path. They just made operating system free so as apps required on day to day basis.

In the keynote not just Craig but Eddie Cue, Phil Schiller, and Tim Cook said software is an essential and important component of total experience, we just don’t want to charge for it. In other words buy our hardware and we will deliver complete experience by providing essential software for free.

We have entered an interesting era in software development. It seems like software development efforts are monetized either via hardware product or selling targeted ads or getting acquired by big company.

Halloween is around the corner

Did you start putting up Halloween decorations yet? In our neighborhood some families already did. As per as we are concerned not really. Having said that here Manas’s video from few months back when we released HallowsThieves kids game on Walpurgis Night. Do consider buying this fun game for some Halloween fun this year.