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Cook With Me : Fine tuning recipe pictur...

Cook With Me : Fine tuning recipe pictures

Our experiments with taking recipe picture resulted in really good pictures, specially the food looked great on the plate.  Having said that we were still left with some pictures with bluish tint to it.  So after taking all those 2400 pictures and carefully selecting the best pictures truly representing the recipes in Cook With Me, at […]

Cook With Me – iPhone user experience

Keeping user interface simple and clutter free means making some tough decisions.  On iPhone we decided to use swipe gesture on recipe name for navigation to “Recipe Details” and “Steps” from the “Recipe Collection” screen.  There is bit of discovering to know this gesture, but once known then same is so obvious.  Our decision keeps UI clutter free specially on iPhone […]

Saturated fat is back?

Saturated fat is back?

Saturated fat in meat and dairy products is seen as a villain responsible for increasing risk of heart disease since late 1970. US dietary guidelines asked reducing saturated fat from the meals since their first guideline published in 1980. Though research now suggest that relationship between fat and increased risk of heart disease is inconclusive. What […]

Keynote 6.x – Has Apple lost focus on th

Keynote 6.x – Has Apple lost focus on their user base?

More than a year after first release and couple updates, I still don’t like new Keynote. I thought features like similar look and feel between OSX and iOS, new transitions, and iCloud support will win me over but…It is clear that in order to simplify this time around Apple actually added more steps for a […]

Microsoft’s user base is different

Microsoft’s user base is different

Last week I received an email from our IT team to ensure I am not running Windows XP and if yes then to remind that I must update to Windows 7 ASAP. After 12 years of supporting Windows XP, Microsoft decided to stop supporting the OS after April 8, 2014. On a positive note it is […]

Technology companies growing fruits now

Lenovo is a member company of Legend Holdings who also owns a global fruit-sourcing company called Joyvio since August 2012. Not to be left behind another company in the Asia region Sharp recently announced that they are growing Strawberry’s. This is an interesting trend where technology companies are planning to use technology and reach to customers who […]

Happy new year

Hard to believe but 2014 year is here already. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. We continued working on recipe app in 2013 and released update for HallowsThieves on Walpurgis night. Speaking of HallowsThieves I am surprised to see some sales in December also. Good to know that Hallows Thieves and […]