Articles for January 2014

Technology companies growing fruits now

Lenovo is a member company of Legend Holdings who also owns a global fruit-sourcing company called Joyvio since August 2012. Not to be left behind another company in the Asia region Sharp recently announced that they are growing Strawberry’s. This is an interesting trend where technology companies are planning to use technology and reach to customers who are willing to pay for good quality food. Here is what Legend Holding’s chairman Liu said,

Since more and more consumers, in particular, are willing to pay for safe and quality food, we firmly believe that we can definitely make money from modern agriculture, and share the fruits of labor with the partners of industry chain.

I wonder if it is too much of diversification for these companies. May be technology companies are trying to satisfy users who work in technology field and have shown great interest in locally produced good quality organic food. You can definitely see a trend in silicon valley where Venture Capitalists are investing in food industry. It will be interesting to see how these ventures unfold and offer benefits if any to you and me.

Happy new year

Hard to believe but 2014 year is here already. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

We continued working on recipe app in 2013 and released update for HallowsThieves on Walpurgis night. Speaking of HallowsThieves I am surprised to see some sales in December also. Good to know that Hallows Thieves and Witch are always in season. Folks, thank you for buying the fun, we hope you enjoy it.

Last month we ended up working on a side project, not planned but we decided to do it anyway. Hopefully this month we will be done with this little distraction and get back to recipe app. I will keep this blog up to date with progress.