Cook With Me

Our recipe app includes 27 vegetarian rice recipes with flavors from around the world. You will discover our take on “Caprese salad” from Italy. “Jamaican rice” will take you to the Caribbean islands. “Coconut rice with cashews” is for folks who are nuts about coconut. There are a lot more flavors to discover in our tastefully developed recipe app.

Mrunal, the self taught cook on our team, developed all these recipes. All her recipes are in a clear, readable easy-to-follow format.

Is the format of the recipe important? Think about a time when you were cooking a recipe by reading a recipe from a website, or from a recipe app on your mobile or tablet. Did you see following problems with the recipe format:

  • Readability: Text was too small and the screen showed extraneous information that cluttered your view.

  • Navigation: It was difficult to move from the text of a recipe to the ingredients, and between recipe steps.

How do you tackle these problems? Print the recipe on a paper? Zoom-in and zoom-out recipe text on your mobile device or tablet? If you are wondering why recipes are not available in a better format, try Cook With Me. It solves the two key problems of readability and navigation. Our app design offers a clutter-free view and readable recipe text. You can cook by following a recipe on an iPad or iPhone placed on your kitchen counter.

We are confident that you will like the “follow along” design of our app. Your family will love Mrunal’s yummy recipes. Bon appétit!

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Hallows Thieves

Hallows Thieves is a simple, single-screen, arcade-style Halloween iPad game for children which also encourages them to easily create their own levels of play.

Are you into arcade-style simple games? Look no further, this Halloween game is for your kids and kid in you. Our game is about taking candies from a witch; but of course you also need to tackle her henchmen ghosts who are protecting the candies.

Hallows Thieves is one game with many possibilities. You can create many variations of the game by changing parameters like:

  • Time of play: The speed of the moon is the total time you have to get the candies (play the game).

  • Number of chances to complete: You can change the speed of the witch. Speed change means more or less chances to tap on witch over the moon to get candies.

  • Adjust difficulty: Change the number of candies you need to retrieve to win the game. The more candies you need to get, more difficult game will be.

  • Number of chances to complete: You can change the speed of the witch. Her speed means more or fewer chances to tap on witch over the moon to get candies.You can make the ghost thieves fast for an exciting challenge, or you can slow them down a bit until you master the game.

  • Levels of play: You can use the pre-set levels. Or go wild and customize!

Safe experience: We understand that parents want to provide a safe gaming experience for their kids. Our app has no ads. We don’t offer any In-App Purchases. We never track any user data.

Learning while playing: We have created a fun game that also helps your kids learn some skills because:

  • Kids get feedback on how many candies they retrieve. They can do the subtraction to know how many the witch kept.

  • The game instructions and feedback at the end of the game are fun, easy-to-read poems that encourage reading.

  • By exploring the settings, kids will discover how modifications interact to change the difficulty and length of the game.

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