Happy Holidays! We hope you are doing well! To celebrate this holiday season, designX6 is releasing Cook With Me version 2.2. We have a few improvements in this release.

The biggest change is in the search feature we added in release 2.0 in the summer of 2020. We added more vivid colors to the search to make it compatible with the changes to dark/light mode in iOS 14. You can search recipes by name or ingredient. Search results can then be easily filtered in Salads, Dishes, or Desserts collections.

There are also two subtle changes:

  • We changed the footer color in the steps view. The new background and font color is more readable.
  • In the steps view, we added some whitespace between the ingredient unit of measurement and the ingredient to also help with readability.

We hope that you enjoy recipes from Cook With Me v2.2 over the holidays!