Three things I am left with after watching Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C keynote.

  1. Experience not price
    For last few weeks we all read about how Apple should and will launch new cheap iPhone. In fact letter C in 5C was interpreted as cheap by analysts and pundits way ahead of actual launch. Well, cat is out of the bag now and it is nice to know that in spite of market/wall street forces, Apple decided not to make iPhone 5C free or cheap NEW iPhone. See the opening video about iTunes festival, 5C video, and Infinity Blade III demo, all screaming experience you will have as a part of Apple community essentially justifying price.
  2. 64-bit architecture hardware and software
    Launch event confirmed the speculations, A7 chip in iPhone 5S boasts 64-bit processing while iOS 7 provides 64-bit support. At the event, Infinity Blade III team was chosen to demonstrate power of new hardware and software. Watch the demo and you will know how statement was made about user experience, again.
  3. iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers, and Pages apps are free with purchase of new iOS7 compatible hardware
    This really made me think again about my earlier post When if ever Apple will enable sustainable business on the app store? If apps are sold at low price (even the cool Infinity Blade III will be $6.99 only) or free (Apple’s productivity apps) I am not sure how an indie developer can build a sustainable business. Anyway, Apple made a point again about overall experience you can get out of the box if you are part of Apple’s ecosystem.