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Cook With Me v2.1 Released

designX6 team is happy to share that the App Store approved the latest release of Cook With Me this week and is now available in the App Store. What’s new in this release? Saving your valuable storage space is the theme of this release. Recipe pictures are now stored on the cloud. Pictures will be […]

Lot of us are willing to buy an app for ...

Lot of us are willing to buy an app for ad-free browsing

It is clear that there many people do not like ads on the web pages we browse on our iOS devices. Apps which provides ad-free browsing experience are always in top 10 paid app list.  The iOS9 release included “Content Blocker API” made it possible to create such apps. As you can see, “Crystal” and “Purify […]

Watermelon: anger on the inside containe...

Watermelon: anger on the inside contained by joy on the outside

We watched the movie Inside Out with Manas this summer.  After watching the movie emotions were high in our day-to-day conversations with Manas.  Last Sunday as we were having breakfast, Manas was making a weird sound, which for no good reason irritated me.  I told him that I was getting angry and on our anger […]

The Start of the Majestic World

Do you like conspiracy thriller books?  Then enjoy the new novella by a talented upcoming author from the designX6 team, entitled The Start of The Majestic World.  Here is a sample chapter reading from the book. Below is the book description from Amazon: Agents Maynard and Brett are no strangers to complex mysteries and morally grey […]

Is iOS ecosystem healthy?

Neil Cybart’s article on declining iPad sales is astute and worth reading.  Neil in this post observes that iPad is mostly used as a device to consume contents.  To grow sales again, Apple need to transform iPad in to a content creation device. By selling a device that is truly designed from the ground-up with […]