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Keynote 6.x – Has Apple lost focus on th

Keynote 6.x – Has Apple lost focus on their user base?

More than a year after first release and couple updates, I still don’t like new Keynote. I thought features like similar look and feel between OSX and iOS, new transitions, and iCloud support will win me over but…It is clear that in order to simplify this time around Apple actually added more steps for a […]

Now OS X is free so as productivity apps

Today we are going to revolutionize pricing because the days of spending hundreds of dollars to get the most out of your computer are gone. Today we announce a new era of mac because today we are announcing that mavericks is free, free is good – Craig Federighi – Keynote October 2013 I get the […]

iOS apps is a business or not? Apple’s 5

Three things I am left with after watching Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C keynote. Experience not price For last few weeks we all read about how Apple should and will launch new cheap iPhone. In fact letter C in 5C was interpreted as cheap by analysts and pundits way ahead of actual launch. Well, cat is out of the […]

iOS 7 beta 4 – Slide to unlock

iOS 7 beta 4 – Slide to unlock

iOS 7 beta 4 is here. Finally Apple addressed slide to unlock usability issue with which I struggled several times. See the new home screen below where now arrow points the direction in which you need to swipe to unlock the screen.

App analytics company says free apps wit...

Flurry which offers their app analytics service for free concluded that since customers are not willing to pay for apps/contents, free apps with ads are the winners as per as monetizing your development efforts goes. I see couple of problems with this theory.  “While consumers may not like in-app advertising, their behavior makes it clear that […]

When if ever Apple will enable sustainab...

Ben Thompson of Stratechery wrote thought provoking three-part series on why Apple is hesitant to enable sustainable businesses on the app store. In first two parts of the series Ben describes examples each from productivity apps and casual games to prove how Apple is not supporting a sustainable business. In the third part, “Apple has been […]