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Is iOS ecosystem healthy?

Neil Cybart’s article on declining iPad sales is astute and worth reading.  Neil in this post observes that iPad is mostly used as a device to consume contents.  To grow sales again, Apple need to transform iPad in to a content creation device. By selling a device that is truly designed from the ground-up with […]

Halloween is around the corner

Did you start putting up Halloween decorations yet? In our neighborhood some families already did. As per as we are concerned not really. Having said that here Manas’s video from few months back when we released HallowsThieves kids game on Walpurgis Night. Do consider buying this fun game for some Halloween fun this year.

iPad mini and HallowsThieves

Seems like yesterday when I posted our thoughts around dealing with various iPad screen resolutions in “iOS app ecosystem and shiny new Apple gadget launch” post. Month has gone, Halloween is almost here, we sold few copies of HallowsThieves, and now last week or so we were  wondering again how our game will look like on iPad mini. Fortunately […]