We hit a major landmark with Cook With Me, our cooking app. This year, we totaled 500 sales! Also, we added 7 new recipes to Cook With Me. The recipes featured various grains, such as quinoa, farro, and millet. We continued to receive good feedback from our customers. What excites us are the app usage statistics. From customers who opted for anonymous stat sharing with Apple, we see plenty of usage. This means that people not only have installed our app, but they use it while they cook, like we designed.

Our developer, Rick is working hard this year to rebuild Cook With Me in Swift using story boards. This will allow us to more easily maintain the app for our awesome customers. We also plan to add a few features. But more on that some other time.

Our spice blend business, Spice Miss, took off and was a massive success in local farmers market. We sold almost 200 spice jars in the season. We plan to sell spices again in Summer 2019 and will explore ways to bring the business online. Not only that, but we are looking into bringing the business to another farmers market.