Towards the release date we were occupied with fine tuning recipe pictures and tweaking recipe steps for flow, proper structure, etc.  Also we chose to wait for final build before taking screen captures we needed for app store submission.  With universal app comes the responsibility of having screens captures for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  It took a while to arrange all of that.  App preview feature which allows you to include a video for your app in the app store got neglected by us in this rush.  Now that app is approved, we cannot add video for the app.

If you have a lightening cable to connect iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your desktop or laptop running Mavericks, it is super easy to make app preview video.  You need Quicktime to capture video from iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and bit of editing in iMovie will create an app preview video for you.  As a  matter of fact Manas and I was able to create one within two hours.  See below the video I have uploaded on YouTube.  With the next update of the app we sure will make best of this feature.