Almost a year ago when Evernote launched “Evernote Food”, same caught my attention immediately as we were working on recipe app on the side back then. No wonder Evernote Food got traction in what seems like ever growing Evernote community. Although ability to scrape, bookmark, and add pictures is convenient, I always wondered about usefulness of the app for actually using it as a companion while cooking. To me it was a digital version of grandma’s notebook for referring what to cook, not actually to follow recipes step by step while cooking.

Recently around mid of December 2012, I noticed Evernote Food 2.0 announcement where they mentioned ability to collect recipes from Punchfork, nice site for collecting/sharing recipes with friends and families. By the time us, users can figure out what such integration means, there came the news about Pinterest acquiring Punchfork in first week of January 2013. All within a span of 12-13 days, interesting!!! Punchfork soon will retire their site and API, effectively blocking access to recipes for Evernote users as well.

Anyway, at the moment we are very focused on building an app which will be your companion as you cook not just a digital library of recipes. We are using JSON files to store recipes which probably should be turned in to some standard format all could use making sharing and presenting recipes easy. This is because you can access individual elements which makes recipe such as ingredients, ingredients per cooking step, cooking steps, heat and time per step, images etc. You then can choose appropriate representation on UI for these details. Perhaps best thing will be to build easy to use recipe writer app which will store recipes in this standard format. Thought for another day, meanwhile back to what we are building today.