Like I said in my earlier post we were working on two apps at the same time. As Halloween approached we focussed on HallowsThieves game and recipe app, the other app took a back seat. As of this writing, we are 100% focussed on recipe app and will be releasing the same in near future.

So big question then is why recipe app? Well for couple of reasons:

  • My wife, Mrunal is an amazing cook
  • Friends and families vouch for her amazing cooking and she is always happy to share food and recipes with all
  • Last but most important, looking at many from roughly 1500 iOS recipe apps (as of writing this post) we really struggled to understand why we cannot find an app which actually makes cooking food in the kitchen easy.

Last bullet is worth deliberating. I will share things we observed about iOS cooking apps available in the store today and what prompted us to consider developing our own app soon.