Saturated fat in meat and dairy products is seen as a villain responsible for increasing risk of heart disease since late 1970. US dietary guidelines asked reducing saturated fat from the meals since their first guideline published in 1980. Though research now suggest that relationship between fat and increased risk of heart disease is inconclusive.

What struck me most from article in NPR is how message to lower saturated fat while increasing carb translated in to increasing carbs which are harmful. Mark Bittman shared similar thoughts on misinterpretation of guidelines and how food industry created low fat food market in response. Why would anyone take such guidelines to extreme? Should we be more talking about basics like quantity and quality of food we eat? I think we should.

Discussion and debate like these reminds me of my grandfather. He was a doctor who very well understood importance of balanced diet. He used to recommend diet which consists of good quality fresh food. All around diet rich with nutrients we need. Here is what I and my dad remember about his diet suggestions:

Soup and dal from various lentils and sprouted lentils,
Bread from sorghum, finger millet, wheat, and pearl millet,
Clarified butter and or peanut oil for sautéing vegetables
Yogurt and buttermilk,
and of course lots of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Vegetarian meal

Today also we try and follow his recommendations. I do believe our good health so far is because of such balanced diet. Of course it helps that Mrunal is a wonderful cook who ensures we eat fresh home cook meal everyday.

PS: Folks always ask if we eat vegetarian meal most of the times how do we get required proteins. Lentils and sprouted lentils provides us much needed proteins.