Hard to believe it’s already fall here in Ohio. Time flies by quickly when you are occupied in work you enjoy. This summer we sold our spice mixes in two farmer’s markets, Delaware and Powell. Thank you to our repeat and new customers. Many bought both Garam Masala and Za’atar and had only good things to say about the flavors, quality, and even the container. They liked the spice mix so much that they helped spread the word for us. They took time to stop by and share their experience and recipes. We are thankful to a few customers who used to stop by in the market to say hi and while at the stall they vouched for spices to people walking by.

Thanks to couple customers who experimented with our spice mix to create new uses of our spices. For example, the use of Za’atar on boiled eggs and pan fried eggs was a big surprise for me. I never thought of such a use when I created the Za’atar spice mix. Now when I look back, this makes sense. Za’atar’s tangy flavor complemented the eggs. Also, I was surprised to know when one customer made Garam Masala spiced popcorn. I shared a few new recipes like stuffed okra flavored with Garam Masala, lentil salad, traditional Maharashtrian green beans, and many more with SpiceMiss customers. It was good to see that they welcomed my recipes. On this blog you will find many of these recipes.

SpiceMiss’s spice mix business is growing but I do not want to neglect our Cook With Me iOS app. I am working on a few new recipes for our next release of the app.