In the past we relied heavily on Dropbox for sharing documents within the team. We were sharing following type of documents on Dropbox.
+ App ideas – Text document to capture ideas we may pursue beyond apps already in works
+ Prototypes for app we are building – Developed in Inkscape, PaintShop Pro, or Keynote
+ Release road maps – Text file for HallowsThieves game as well recipe app in making
+ App store – Text files for keywords we would like to use in the store, app description etc.
+ Story of the app – Text file to capture core idea of the app we are building
+ Pricing – Thoughts and proposals around pricing
+ Info/Observations about competitive apps
+ Recipes – Text and JSON files
+ Recipes Photos
+ To-do list

Number of documents kept growing over period of time. For a while we did a good job with creating folder structure to have some order to the information we wanted to share. Very soon though folder structure seemed more like burden to maintain and even too rigid some times.  We also have to keep track of comments/feedback about documents in our emails separately.

That’s when we decided to try Trello. I know what you are thinking, Trello as Dropbox replacement does not make much sense. Trello does not even allow you to attach file more than 10 MB to a Trello card. Having said that in our case though as much we were sharing files, we were actually sharing information. Information which is organized in some folder structure. Yes we could have thought about some content management system or TWiki but we decided to try Trello instead. Glad we did. Trello helps us organize information in much flexible way. Our information is organized in three boards. Two for two products we have and one for “Everything Else”. We also stayed with default lists “To-Do’, “Doing”, and “Done” within each board to manage information as individual cards in the list. We share our feedback via comments attached to the cards rather than separate email thread(s).

In summary if you are looking for simple way of organizing information, sharing thoughts/comments about the information you want to share, try Trello. Joel Spolsky and team thank you for building and sharing such a useful tool with all of us.