Yes we are pretty much alive and marching towards goal of releasing recipe app this year. Last few weeks were about exploring voice recognition, UI iterations, and so on. Now its about finalizing 1.0 feature set, finalizing UI, more test builds, collecting feedback from beta testers, and more…

As per as finalizing UI, cooking app story explains our design goals. In essence we want to make cooking easy by creating an app which has simple readable steps to follow as you cook. Our goal is to remove any unnecessary elements between you and recipe steps displayed on the screen when you are ready to cook. No wonder we see iOS 7 as a big opportunity, which seems to encourage nice clean look where content will be the STAR. In the iOS 7 intro video around 2 minutes and 59 seconds a profound statement is made “ in many ways we tried to create an interface that is unobtrusive and differential. One where the design recedes and in doing so actually elevates your content”.

We hope you find our app fulfills the promise of making your ability to read recipe steps while cooking as the STAR of the app.

Talking about iOS 7 UI, don’t get me wrong not all is well with iOS 7 UI. After spending considerable time reading about iOS 7 UI guidelines, reviews, and playing with the beta build on iPhone 4, I can say that few UI decisions are questionable. For example I did not like new home screen just like many other folks, check Michael Heilemann posts about home screen and more. In spite of knowing how to unlock the phone, I kept bringing up control panel instead unlocking the phone. Upward arrow for bringing control panel up just below the “slide to unlock” text does not help at all. FWIW my six year old son is dealing better with this UI than me. Anyway, hope some of the confusing navigation/UI elements will be improved between now and release in fall.

As said earlier though, overall we are excited about iOS 7 UI and opportunities it brings to the table. We expect to create iOS 7 test build soon.