As folks say there is nothing like learning from doing things. Yes there are lots of articles, how to , do’s and don’t about iOS development but nothing like actually trying to develop and publish an iOS app in app store. Halloween is over and probably till next Halloween we may not see an uptick in our game HallowsThieves but here is what getting feet in water taught us so far.

  • If you are not an indi developer but rather have LLC then please do not wait till last minute to get DUNS number. Enroll now! we somehow missed this one till last minute.
  • When you submit your app for review select keywords carefully. Once app gets approved then you are locked in to these keywords, at least until you revise and release your app again.

As I said earlier having this game in app store is a start, we do plan to release our second product soon. We think the approach we are taking with this upcoming product is unique and will stand out in the category. Just the other day I was reading article “How to succeed with your mobile app” by Jeremy Olson and what struck me most that it is not about luck but earnest efforts which will lead to success. We want to try and make a statement in this crowded market place, we will see how far we can go. I will keep posting on this blog more about our journey.