From early on we decided Mrunal will take all recipe pictures in her kitchen. Essentially no food photography simply the pictures which you and I can relate with and easy to shoot using point and shoot or digital SLR available at home.

Easier said than done. We started seeing issues with our plan as soon as we started. Biggest issue was with plates we were using for plating. They were shiny. We thought, how difficult it would be to find plates which are not shiny but have matte finish instead? So the hunt started. Mrunal shopped in stores like Walmart, Meijer, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Home Goods, World Market, and even an antique store. Georgia tried stores like Target, The Container Store, and so on. Pretty much anything in and around our town. We bought some plates we thought would work. Find below some pictures of our hunt for perfect plate.

Rick even tried hand painting some plates Georgia bought to get a matte finish look we were looking for. Though pictures looked good we discarded the idea as these plates were good for one time use only. They could not withstand washing /cleaning after each plating. See below Rick’s hard work.

Thanks to Georgia, she discovered “Heath Ceramics” plates online. These plates turned out to be perfect for what we were looking. We would recommend buying these plates. Good for everyday use and of course great for taking recipe pictures.

Beet rice