It’s been a while we have not posted anything on this blog. There is a good reason why so. Today I am very happy to share that finally we are close to submitting our first iOS apps- ALL HALLOWS THIEVES for review to Apple’s app store. The Halloween game is designed for kids ages 4 through 8. It’s an arcade type game about not letting witch and her spooky ghost steal your candies. I will share more about the game in subsequent posts.

We expect the approval process to go smoothly. We say this based on some serious testing by our friends and family over last few months. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the wonderful feedback provided over period of testing.  Test team – Thank you, you were very helpful!!!

I am also very happy to share that not a single incidence of crash or lockup screen was reported during all this testing. Since we are talking about testing I must mention that “TestFlight” played a key role in distributing our app to our testers. Thank you TestFlight for providing an amazing service.