We were very happy with the game till Rick suggested we can make game more exciting by making some parameters configurable. Question was can we still meet our deadline of September 2012 release.  Rick thought we had a good shot at it and it was worth doing so that’s what we did. Following parameters are configurable in the game:

  • Moon – The speed of the moon is really the total time kids will have to retrieve the candies (play the game)
  • Witch – Changing the speed of the witch provides more or less chances to tap on her over the moon to retrieve candies. There is also a magic switch which when turned ON means each time you miss tapping the witch when she files past the moon you will lose collected candy from your basket.
  • Candies – You can change number of candies you need to retrieve in order to win the game
  • Ghosts – Kids can make the ghost thieves fast for an exciting challenge or slow them down a bit until they master the game

We also thought that having some predefined levels will also help hence we added three predefined levels. See below screenshot of configuration available in the game. We hope kids will like the idea of creating new levels of play, almost unlimited possibilities exist so go challenge yourself.