Have you played Hallows Thieves game lately? Default levels for the play (Easy, Medium, and Hard) we created are just right.  For the adventurous players, we created “custom” setting.  See the screen below.

We have a problem with slider control now.  Everything else works just fine.  So you can play the game as usual without realizing something a miss.  Adventurous kids and parents are probably missing custom setting.

We think that with iOS 8 major or some minor release, slider control stopped working.  We realized the problem around mid of April 2015.  Thanks to our tester, Manas.  Our first thought was to recompile and release the update.  That plan did not go well.  Codes which were just fine when we released the game in October 2012 now simply would not compile.  Classic example of taking technical debt by using a platform.  Probably iOS 8 release deprecated something we were using.

Anyway, time to move on and fix the problem.  Just today Hallows Thieves app got approved for distribution through Apple’s TestFlight Program.

So what’s new? We are building Hallows Thieves from scratch again.  Big plus for you is more value for the same money.  This time our witch and ghosts are universal.  I mean we are building universal app.  Buy once and play the game on iPhone, iPod-touch, and iPad.  We are also adding some animations to the game.  For example candies now bounce in the basket and ghosts swirl as they try and protect candies.

For techies out there, all codes are in Swift and we are using SpriteKit now.  We hope Apple will provide better support for these tools going forward.  With this release we are ready to payoff our technical debt due to use of iOS platform.

For all existing users this will be a free update.  We are sorry for inconvenience caused due to slider control defect.  If you can not wait for the official release, please email us.  We will be happy to include you in pre-release beta test group.

PS : Our beta release build is a solid build and well tested by designX6 team members.  We do not expect crash or any other system wide issue in the beta build.