If not immediately but over the years I have realized growing misuse of PowerPoint in the business world. Earlier on this blog I have shared my deliberate attempt to overcome PowerPoint driven bullet point thinking in the business world. Today I would like to share few things I tried and still trying outside business world.

E-mails: I know, I know but yes thinking about emails differently helped. Instead simple blurb, I started writing appropriate level of details. Proper sentences rather than bullet points. I even got good feedback sometimes which encouraged me to keep using new way of writing emails.

SlideShare: I posted few slideshows on SlideShare. I developed story first and then slides were created based on the story. As you guessed by now, stories were written in simple word document. I revised them several times before creating slides. Stories provided reason for me to write more than bullet points.

Blog: I started blogging back in 2009. It was important for me that I write often. As often as couple of posts each week. Some posts stayed as draft only while others were published. I was fully aware of my shortcomings with writing style and I still am. But my need to express thoughts in words is much higher than worrying about correct writing style.

Now designX6 work brings lot more challenges and many opportunities to go beyond bullet points. Within our small team we are fortunate to have some good writers. They can write good poems too, see below HallowsThieves game poem as an example. We are really enjoying what we are developing.

Happy writing.