Flurry Analytics recently shared some stats about mobile apps based on country of origin. Through June 2013 only 36% of apps were developed in USA. Of course apps in Flurry’s system were only considered for this analysis. That is 350 thousand apps out of 1700 thousand apps available in Google play and Apple store. So yes looking at only 20% of total apps available, one can conclude that more apps are developed outside USA.

In the same article though Flurry Analytics shows stats that if you take user engagement in to account (time spent with apps) then apps made in USA dominates the market. I think with abundance of apps available what is going to matter is getting discovered in the app store, quality of app, and ability to engage users. Not that’s a challenge and I hope developers in USA are ready for it.

At designX6 we are trying and hope to make a difference in the crowded marketplace.