If you haven’t noticed, we redid our home page, and it showcases designX6’s latest product, Spice Miss. I am very glad to say, it’s a massive success. We launched Spice Miss on Saturday, May 26, 2018. Our initial spice blend was Garam Masala, as mentioned on our new home page. One week later, on June 2, we launched our Za’atar spice blend.

Authentic spices

The official Spice Miss logo.

A photo of our Garam Masala

We are only selling at our local farmer’s market, but we are working hard on bringing our spices to online consumers. So far we have sold 40 units in 3 three-hour sessions. 5 of our customers have given us positive reviews already. This positive response is encouraging us to do more. The stainless-steel spice jar we use are receiving a lot of attention and love from our customers.

P. S. We are working on a new update for Cook With Me, and simply can’t wait to release it.