When we were talking about iOS app development, I knew I would love to develop cooking app. Over the years I have enjoyed learning and sharing recipes with friends and family so it was no brainer that in the mobile world, iOS cooking app will be a great way to reach to larger community.

Once team agreed on developing recipe app, I thought about various themes and decided focussing on rice recipes. There are many reasons why cooking rice is close to my heart. I love eating rice very much because I was raised in the region (India) where they grow lots of rice. For that matter rice is the staple food for most of the people in Asia. In my home town as I was growing up, I remember those lush green rice paddies and people working in monsoon season. A picture perfect memory stayed with me all these years.

When I learned cooking from my mother it was rice that I learned to cook first. Rice is actually easy to cook for the beginners in the kitchen. Also it’s very versatile, you can use it in salad, main course, and yes dessert as well.

I will definitely share more things about my experiences in the kitchen. I hope you will enjoy such tidbits. Happy Cooking !!