Do you like subtle bright lemony and herbaceous flavor? Look no further than Za’atar.

I remember it was the summer of 2006 when for the first time I tried hummus at a small Middle Eastern restaurant in Columbus Ohio. It was so good that I decided to learn the cuisine.  The Middle Eastern cuisine is in a way similar to Indian cuisine in terms of use of spices and flavor profile. I soon discovered that, in Middle Eastern food, the spice Za’atar is a common ingredient. All different recipes of Za’atar include Sumac, which are tart bright lemony berries.

When you are in a mood for light and bright flavors, go for Za’atar, and reach to Garam Masala for a hearty warm meal. With this thought, I decided to offer Za’atar and Garam Masala in the Farmer’s Market. As it turned out, nailing the recipe of Za’atar was hard. Balancing between tart flavor of Sumac and other ingredients meant multiple trial and errors. Judging by response from our customers, I will say the spice recipe I created turned out to be amazing.

Conrad, a customer said that he is all for mild flavors not the spicy hot food. To his surprise (and mine!), Conrad loved use of Za’atar on a hamburger. The subtle, bright flavor became his favorite. I hope if not already, Za’atar will become your favorite too.

Garam Masala and Za’atar at Farmer’s market