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Strawberry and Wild Blueberry Jam


I have a sweet tooth, and so does my family. One go-to sweet for us is fruit jam. We use jam on toast, yogurt and granola, and with cheese and crackers. We love our tasty homemade jam. Summer time is perfect to a make jam from fresh berries available in our local farmer’s market.

A week ago I found some beautiful, fresh strawberries in the market and decided to make a mixed berry jam. I used a combination of strawberries and wild blueberries. These are some of my favorite berries. It’s very simple to make and has tons of flavors. You have to give it a try. Make sure to use the freshest berries you can get.



The jam will stay good for a month, but I doubt you’ll have any left!


Fresh strawberry chunks.

Berries in the pan

Strawberries and wild blueberries in the pan.

Sugar and berries

Add sugar to the berry mixture.

Cooking berries

Strawberries and wild blueberries in the pan.

Jam on a toast

Jam on toast.

Closeup of jam

A closeup of Jam.

Yogurt and jam

Jam, yogurt, and granola. Enjoy!

A Cook’s notes: