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The Cook With Me iOS app provides simple, helpful, step-by-step instructions in a large, clear format. You will get thirty-six (36) recipes, inspired by global cuisines, from our favorite cooking enthusiast, Mrunal. Mrunal's vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes are approachable and flavorful.

You will discover Mrunal’s take on “Caprese Salad” from Italy. “Jamaican Rice” will take you to the Caribbean islands. “Coconut Rice with Cashews” is for folks who are nuts about coconuts. There are a lot more flavors to discover in our tastefully developed recipe app.

Is the format of the recipe important? Think about a time when you were cooking a recipe by reading a recipe from a website, or from a recipe app on your mobile or tablet. Did you see the following problems with the recipe format:

»Readability: Text was too small and the screen showed extraneous information like ads, animations or videos that cluttered your view.
»Navigation: It was difficult to move from the text of a recipe to the ingredients, and between recipe steps.

How do you tackle these problems? Print the recipe on paper? Zoom-in and zoom-out recipe text on your mobile device or tablet?

Cook With Me solves readability and navigation problems. Our app design offers a clutter-free view and readable recipe text for distraction free step-by-step cooking. There are no ads, animations, videos, or rate this app notifications. Each step in the recipe includes the cooking time required for that step, the ingredients, and the heat setting on the stove or oven (if required). These 3 things make the recipe format in our app easy-to-follow. You can cook by following a recipe on an iPad or iPhone placed on your kitchen counter. Please see the Cook With Me user guide for details about the UI.

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