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The secret to your next flavorful meal—spices not just salt and pepper

How do you make your meal flavorful? Do you reach out to salt and pepper as a go to seasoning? If you are looking for flavors but want to reduce the use of salt, look no further than spices. Our customers have shared some quirky ways they used SpiceMiss’s spice blends to make their meals flavorful.

“Garam Masala rub on a pork chop added a depth of flavor I never had before…try it!” ―Rick

“Want to surprise your family with an unusual but tasty Spaghetti Sauce? Next time add Garam Masala, they will love it!” ―Linda's husband

“Mild flavor is all I can take and Za’atar sprinkled on a hamburger patty made it so delicious.” ―Conrad

“Basmati rice with veggies, I now cook it regularly, love the use of Garam Masala!” ―a happy customer

“Try Garam Masala on popcorn and it will never taste the same again.” ―Erin

The depth of flavor added by SpiceMiss’s spices is special, per our customers. The choice of ingredients and proportions make our spices special. We sell Garam Masala in a 1.2 Oz. jar and Za’atar in a 1.2 Oz. jar. We think a spice jar will last for cooking 6 to 7 meals. Please use the spice in less than 6 months. You will get the depth of flavors only when the spice is fresh.

Garam Masala Label Za'atar Label

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